Slide Fire The Sacraficial Lamb.

April 05, 2018 18:50 |
#shotsfired #podcast

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Shots Fired EP 1 Parkland School Shooting, Real Talk about a Real Problem 33:46
Sig GlocknColt sits down with FDE to talk about how Social Media Failed, and how SJWs FAILED to see the signs.
Shots Fired Ep. 2, The Show Me Shooter 43:19
TJ and FDE look into the laws of drinking and concealing...they talk about a local shooting, brandishing weapons, and dancing with big gals! Check out Great protection from USCCA
Shots Fired Ep.3 Sofrep vs. Sof Community 49:26
This week Sig Glockncolt, FDE, and DynaDeath sit down to discuss a little more of the Show Me Shooter Case, and we cover the Case of Sorfrep's posting of the ISIS produced 3rd Group headcam Footage on their network, and why the SOF community is furious about it.
Shots Fired Ep. 4 Youtube Gun Ban. 57:03
TJ Kirgin aka Sig Glockncolt and FDE talk about Utube wanting to BAN ALL GUNS, and what effect that will have in the firearm community.
Shots Fired Ep. 6 2018 X-Treme Bullets Texas 3 Gun Championship Edition. 58:53
In this podcast TJ interviews amateur and pro junior shooters about the current March for Life movement in Schools as well as what it is like to be a Junior Shooter. He also gets into the mind of the mad man genius architect of some of the most challenging 3 Gun, 2 Gun, Shotgun and 4x4 stages in America today Brian Corey.
Shots Fired Ep.7 Female Active Shooter Disappoints Liberal Media. 28:56
This Week: Tj and FDE are back to talk about the BREAKING news on the youtube shooter, the facebook shot heard round the world, and what to do if you get pulled over while ridding dirty!
Slide Fire The Sacraficial Lamb. 16:50
Tactical Shit Breaking News! Trump Just instructed the DOJ ban bump fire stocks, and other devices that increase a rifles rate of fire, at the same time Slide Fire's website went down.